27 Can You Create a Minimalist Coastal Interior Décor?

Minimalist style seems like an odd choice to create a coastal décor, but you can actually combine them! The contemporary design trend sees cleaner, fresher versions of popular themes, including nautical or tropical. All you need is to work with the most notable elements of the beach theme to create a minimalist look.

Here are several ways to create a minimalist coastal décor.

1. Play with Subtle Colors

Minimalist décor is not always identical with white. You can still play with other colors but choose the subtle ones. For example, you can add a little coral and pastel blue colors in front of the white background walls. Add darker colors as accents, so they don’t overwhelm the minimalist look you aim for.

Blue walls with the slightest hint of gray bring to mind the ocean on an overcast day. It makes the perfect backdrop for a sand dollar triptych. Moreover, the white accent on the bed frame and nightstand gives this perfect beach theme bedroom.
Wooden paneling in a beach bedroom. One classic beach bedroom treatment is a wood panel or shiplap walls. The paneling might be white or, as shown here, a soft ocean-green, or perhaps a watery blue or foggy gray.
Seagrass, which grows entirely underneath the ocean water, is a common material in the beach bedroom. Whether it’s used to weave a headboard, window blind, decorative basket, or even an area rug. This sturdy grass can add a beautiful touch of natural texture in your room. It plays quite nicely with a subtle color like this wall color scheme.
Beach bedroom color schemes. The typical palette of an ocean or beach bedroom is reminiscent of the beach. Such as the color of watery blues, soft turquoise, and greenish-blue, all mixed with white. This gorgeous bedroom shows off the perfect beach-bedroom color scheme.

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Waterfront surroundings. Brings the comfort of the sea indoors through this cozy living space overlooking the water. To create that comfortable at-home look. Mixed various patterns in a blue and sandy palette with whitewashed accents and subtle color.
Sea-Inspired Mix. Indian and coastal-inspired design elements to create the perfect eclectic blend in this living room. A coastal look is represented through the various blue accents, the basket of sea treasures, and beach glass accessories.
Traditional Palette. Using a subdued palette of blues and greens creates a traditional seaside escape with all the classic must-haves: vintage coastal prints and pillows and a seagrass Roman shade.

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2. Combine Different Materials

Combining different materials gives your interior a unique look because their natural colors and textures compensate for the minimalist look. Wooden table, contemporary chairs with metal legs, and natural fiber like jute for the lampshades and rugs create an interesting look in a room.

Sand and ocean colors dining together. Color is what brings this room together. A medium, yet soft, blue-grey graces the wall, on which hangs a big weathered clock face. Old style chairs surrounding a wooden table with white legs and a wooden top.
Welcoming beach motif for your living space. Soft whites and khakis give this living area a naturally neutral background. Turquoise or robin’s egg blue pillows bring a bit of sophisticated color to the sofa.
A dining space for a coastal cottage. Modern coastal decorating blends subtle sophistication with the traditional rustic elements of seaside living. Lantern-like lighting reinforces this coastal sophistication.
Beach and coastal decorating ideas for the bedroom. You can just feel the sea breeze wafting through the soft white curtains in this seaside bedroom. The cool palette of blues and greens gently stands out from the weathered white on the walls.
Sand, seashells, and soft beach-themed undertones. They have a soft palette of colors with shades of turquoise, sand, and grey blending flawlessly together.
Coastal decorating ideas with turquoise accents. The turquoise of the ocean is a perfect color to introduce into any room, especially one that already has a neutral palette. Pillows, lamps, stools, and artwork offer a subtle hint of color that blends well into this soft palette.
Some palm-inspired beach and coastal decorating ideas. Palm fronds, set in simple white vases, make both an architectural and natural statement. The simple white vases offer a soft profile that highlights the natural beauty of the fronds with distracting from them.

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3. Bring Outdoor Touches Indoor

Bring something from the surrounding nature to decorate your coastal décor, especially if you live near the beach. Pebbles, seashells, driftwood, branches, and wood stumps can add unique visual touches in your minimalist room. Even with the minimum amounts of decoration, these natural elements will emphasize the natural look.

Beached-themed mosaic full of shells and starfish. Take your beach inspiration and put it up on your walls. Nine boxes encase nine different types of treasure found along the seashore.
A bookcase crawling with coral and shells. Driftwood and coral sit atop books of all sizes and shapes. Jars of sand, starfish, seashells, and sponges peak out in every direction.
Tropical vegetation in a beautiful seashore-themed vase. Tall-grass sprouts up from the seashell mound, bringing height and contrast that spill over the top of this cylindrical clear vase.
Driftwood coffee table for a beach house. Its soft color makes it a flawless background for the flickering flames of tea lights. Drill some shallow holes in the upside of the driftwood to hold the candles.
Sandy colored curtains with starfish tassels. Add a natural twine loop around one of the arms of a large starfish. Then, attach it to a curtain tieback made from the same material.
Coral creations and shells of the sea. When putting together a beach theme, grouping these beauties together will reinforce the look and offer a natural focal point in the space.
Soft sandy beach centerpiece with lighthouse inspirations. A large candle provides soft illumination for the area around the lantern, as well as a highlight for the natural beauty inside.

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4. Focus of the Main Artwork

The surefire way to draw the eyes in a minimalist room is using an artwork. Choose a medium to large artwork to serve as the focal point. Make sure the artwork has a prominent coastal theme, like wave patterns or ship painting.

Make the artwork work perfectly in this bedroom. The bold golden frame wall art gives a bold statement in this bedroom decoration.

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Symmetrical decoration between the light gray cupboard with the wall art. This grayscale dining room makes the beach artwork gives a touch of calm color.

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Gives the dining room special decoration by adding a beach artwork. The simple neutral color of the wall can make this wall art look amazing, as a result.

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Minimalist design in the modern living room are a common thing. Best of all, the touch of artwork on the wall is the only decoration that makes things living room stunning.

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Focus on the huge painting beach. In this entry hall, the main ornament to decorate the wall such as the artwork gives a damn good view.

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Instead of giving a best touch of a sea artwork. This beautiful bedroom gives a perfect decoration combination with a navy accent, as a result.

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Minimalist coastal décor gives a fresh, clean, and relaxing vibe. Create a few prominent pieces to keep your interior from looking boring.

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