25 Design Your Perfect Modern, Classic Look Kitchen Cabinet

Combining two different styles into one can be an absolute masterpiece. As long as you do it the right way, the result will surpass any expectation.

When talking about combining different styles, a kitchen is a right choice to have as a medium. It is one of the essential rooms in your house, and it is a place that you cannot live without.

Having a perfect look on your kitchen will liven up the atmosphere of your whole house and boost your daily mood. If you do not want a bold style for your kitchen, you can just design the cabinet into a modern, classic look kitchen cabinet. Here are some tips for you to create the best one.

1. Make Sure Which Aspect You Want to Embrace More

You need to be sure which style you want to embrace more – the modern one or the classic one. It helps you prevent from having a random and absurd look to the kitchen. Although it is just a cabinet – not a whole kitchen interior – it can give a big impact on the other furniture.

It is okay if you want to embrace both styles evenly. But you need to be more careful unless you want a strangely eccentric kitchen cabinet. Doing it properly will turn your kitchen into a pretty one.

White elegance kitchen cabinet theme. The main aspect of the dominant white color. It embraces the whole kitchen decoration. Especially, the wall and the cabinet.
This stunning white kitchen in Seattle features Kashmir white granite. The black accent such as the pendant lighting and the chairs gives a shot of decoration, as a result.
The sleek white gloss kitchen cabinets are complemented by pretty solid wood floors. The fiberglass chairs next to the kitchen island look pretty elegance for adds a modern touch.
Gorgeous soft blue glass backsplash makes this white contemporary kitchen feel so comforting. Not only that but also the pick of the white-colored cabinet makes this kitchen modern-look.
Incredible dark wood countertop. I love how the beams and countertop balance the space and that huge kitchen island. Moreover, the classical style of this kitchen design makes it so timeless.
In the lower counter area is a great spot to start and end your day!. In addition, the rich wood helps to warm up all the white glossy cabinets in this handsome modern kitchen.
Upgraded classic. These white cabinets are paired with black soapstone countertops with a honed finish. Plus stunning upgraded features such as the cabinet accent.
Featured are white kitchen cabinets with dark countertops. The eat-in nook in this charming kitchen is so sweet & cozy. This modern design kitchen cabinet gets a small touch of classic style.

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2. Do Not Go Too Much

It is okay if you want to go big, but make sure it is not too much, or your kitchen will look tacky. Moreover, you do not want an unpleasant look to your kitchen.

Not only the look but embracing its function is also important when talking about modernity. You can purchase a multipurpose cabinet to highlight the modern style more. A simple design with earth tone is enough to embrace your modern, classic look kitchen cabinet.

Modern kitchen design is all about pushing against the norm. Here, they lay the standard horizontal cabinetry and take storage to vertical heights. The textured black cabinet faces and island wrap harmonizes supremely with the sleek steel appliances.
If you love the classic look but want to incorporate modern touches. This ultra-contemporary design takes all the best attributes of old-style kitchens and updates them. Wood cabinets get a fresh look with sleek handles that complement the appliances.

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Worktops and modern cabinets vary as much as home decorations do. The customizations and ways to make your kitchen yours are truly limitless. The wooden cabinet blended perfectly with a black accent. Make it more stunning, as a result.
What color better represents passion than red?. It is a perfect color for the kitchen and cabinets. It provides an ideal surface to present the love you feel for cooking.

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Elegant furnishings and embellishments in classic woodgrain, black, and silver give this kitchen a classic executive look with modern style. The different heights are seen here to make the space truly unique.
Ultra-urban kitchen oozes with charm in every nook and cranny. They are surrounded by an excellent array of hooks, shelves, and colored. Semi-see-through glass doors to hang, place, and half show-off every trinket you can think of.
Stay clean and simple. Kitchen cabinet ideas do not have to be fantastical. Sometimes, we just want things to be simple, clean, manageable, and not over-the-top. Lightwood and stainless steel bring a contemporary look to this open-air galley style kitchen.
Dramatic color blocking kitchen cabinet. Start with small yet bright pops of brilliant color and see how that goes. Otherwise, if you want to jump right in. Use a different vibrant color for each cabinet and show them off with a black background!
The metal here flows and perfectly matches from the sink to the counter and cabinet doors in a sexy way. The wood floor sets off the perceived coldness of all of the stainless steel. And it warms up the look of the monochromatic design of these kitchen storage cabinets and appliances.

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3. Do Not Ruin the Function

You might want the best design for your cabinet, but you cannot forget about its function. As stated before, embracing its function is necessary when talking about modern style. To wrap up the look, choose the one that covers its use with a classic touch.

Classic can become eclectic by adding modern tile and mixing it with a vintage-style table and chairs and industrial-style pendant lights. Moreover, this creamy white kitchen looks stunning, as a result.
Alternative palettes like brown and white also find their way into classic kitchen design. Here, walnut cabinets, white marble, and cabinets with a simple door style have all the elements of a classic kitchen.
Classic kitchens don’t have to be all white. This kitchen mixes stained and painted cabinetry. Black and white are about as timeless and classic as it gets. But, as long as a kitchen features a neutral color palette, it will maintain a classic appeal.
Another aspect that defines this look is the cabinet door style. Often either a simple Shaker door or a Shaker door with a bead molding. You don’t see a lot of raised panel doors or flat-panel doors typically seen in modern kitchens.
Subway tile. It really doesn’t matter what size, though the classic is 3 by 6 inches. If you’re looking for a twist on the classic, try a 2 by 6. Obviously, the proportions can really change the look of your kitchen, as can the grout color.
White marble countertop. Carrara marble and Calacatta marble are the two that really stand out in classic kitchens. In fact, marble countertops are often the focal point of a classic kitchen.
Classic kitchens often go the timeless route with blacks or whites. One tried-and-true classic feature is a black countertop. Whether it’s honed absolute black granite, soapstone, or a cast quartz material.
You may see legs on kitchen islands, feet or furniture-style toe kicks, crown molding, and even a paneled hood. But, these details are often restrained in a classic kitchen rather than being over the top and ornate.

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Perfect your kitchen furniture set by designing your own modern, classic look kitchen cabinet with those tips!

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