29 Have Your Unique Interior Like No Other

Design your interior is not always easy. You need to be as mindful and creative as you can to create the best one possible.

If you feel like there are a lot of basic and boring interior design that you do not want to have, these lists of interior ideas will inspire you to create the unique yet aesthetic one like no other.

1. Boho Style Furniture Set

A boho style is all about blending elements and influences from different cultures and eras. It is a combination of textures and patterns that will turn into an appealing boho look.  You can just mix and match any colors and patterns and then organize them properly into a whole interior. Using earth tones more than the striking or bold pop ones will create a better boho look.

This boho living room truly packs a punch!. The design is bold and incorporates everything from bright blue to earthy tones to black and white and plenty of green. The most interesting thing about this space is its use of textures and patterns.
No boho living room is complete without a fabulous statement rug and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. Along with the rug, the baskets full of hanging greenery add more color and a touch of nature to the room.
When it comes to a bohemian style living room, the key is to mix and match. This is a great way to give your house a lived-in and personal feel. This living room incorporates the use of rattan mid-century styles and industrial pieces to make it a unique space.

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Every bedroom deserves fresh flowers. Why does not add their wonderful color and fragrance to your own sleeping space?. And check out the fantastic lighting fixture in this colorful bohemian bedroom. It’s so pretty.
Whether it’s wood, fabric, or wicker (such as the gorgeous vintage screen shown here). Your boho bedroom needs a screen or two. Use one as a headboard, or prop one in a corner. Use a screen to provide privacy or mark off a sitting area.
If you want a quick and easy way to add boho flair to your bedroom, just try tacking up several lengths of colorful or lacy cloth, as in this bedroom. It’s such a pretty and inexpensive way to decorate your space!

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2. Staircase Drawer

A staircase drawer is a great way to save more space yet still able to store more stuff. You can use the drawer for your shoes and other footwear, books, logistics, and even clothes. It is very effective, especially for minimalist interior in a small house. Plus, a staircase drawer helps you to reduce all the clutter by storing all your stuff properly.

In wooden stairs accent, shoes are cleverly concealed in drawers that pull out from under the stairs. Obviously, it’s a secret storage drawer that can help your house look clean and tidy.
Black in white staircase has ingenious sliding vertical ‘drawers’ underneath that pull-out. It reveals a wardrobe and shoe storage.
A stair landing becomes a secret storage spot for out-of-season textiles. Not only can it be extra storage but also give you secret storage that could be safe.
In this Japanese house, cabinets and drawers of various sizes take full advantage of the space under the stairs. The numbered cabinet pulls are clever detail.
This staircase serves as a sort of divider between two rooms. There’s storage for dishes on one side, and cabinets for clothing on the other. The wooden material picked look so sleek, as a result.
In this Australian home from Dwell, shelves under the stairs provide a perfect spot for shoes, books, and board games. Moreover, the color of the stairs looks over-saturated yellow.

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3. Hammock Bed

A hammock bed might be the most uncommon yet fun bed you will ever have. The sensation you get from the bouncy and hanging feel offers you different kinds of comfort. Not only it adds a unique look to the whole interior, but it also allows you to get a deeper and quality sleep. Furthermore, the design helps you prevent a back sore.

Scandinavian hammock idea. The big green plant next to the hammock provides a good fresher air around the room. Moreover, the white wall around the room makes brighter room.
Use a wooden foundation in the house to make a hammock. Especially, place in the living room to make an extra comfortable place to relax.
Large wooden block below the ceiling can be an option to make a comfy hammock. Of course, you can make a comfy place to relax or even sleep there.
Nail on the sides of the wall. Get a hammock configuration like this one to get the best place to relax. It is placed between the windows and the sofa in the living room.
Empty space in the corner would be useful for adds a hammock-like this. Although the small space like this one, it still can be the best place to take relax with a hammock.

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4. Patterned Wall

You can create a Pinterest-worthy interior by having a patterned wall. It brings you the highlighted aesthetic and elegance that can turn your ordinary interior into an extraordinary one. A patterned wall will radiate a fancy and sophisticated look to the whole furniture set because it adds visual depth to your design.

Plaid Wall Covering. Make an impression by covering an entire wall with plaid-patterned. Stick cork squares behind small areas for a seamless way to pin photos, prints, and notes straight to the wall.

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Framed Plant Leaves on the leaves-patterned wall. Even on the coldest, dreariest days, this plant-filled wall hanging will let you relish in nature’s beauty. After pressing green leaves, place them inside a wooden window frame and hang.

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Duck feather-pattern in this wall looks awesome. Moreover, the combination of two colors such as grey and yellow makes the color coordinate.
Stripes pattern with different sizes of stripes. The black accent strip in the base white wall. Look so simple but gives a wall art that fabulous, as a result.

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Classic harlequin wall pattern will instantly add life and movement to your room design. Also, it can work just as well in the kitchen as it does in the master bedroom or a nursery.

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5. Bookshelf Wall

A bookshelf helps you feel a sense of a well-organized and clean room. It allows you to arrange all your books neatly and properly. Moreover, having it as a wall makes the entire room looks more appealing. It also saves more space than having it as a usual bookshelf design.

Shelving accent wall. Built-in shelves decked out in a set color palette make for a wonderful accent wall. It also painted the wall behind the shelves a pretty blue, which is another detail that really adds some pizzazz-look!

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More option to make your bookshelf wall more aesthetic is put paint on it. Give it a dark color such as black brown in this picture.
Pick a colorful book in the bookshelf wall to get a colorful decoration. Especially, in the white color themed room decoration. It such as a great color touch decoration, as a result.
Build a bookshelf wall over the room divider. You can put a comfy individual sofa in front of it. Besides to take relax while reading a book but also gives a completed decoration.
Elegant bookshelf wall with a showcase in the center. To display some ornament to decorate the bookshelf. As a result, it looks elegant and glamorous room.

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Not only gives you a place to collect books but also creates a best addition on the wall. This bookshelf will create an amazing decoration with simplicity.
Besides the bookshelf to place some books but also to create awesome decoration with ornament. In this home-office, the bookshelf behind the desk almost filled full for decoration.

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Those unique interior ideas will help you create a different and anti-basic look for your house perfectly.

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