28 Ideas for A Pretty Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Keeping your kitchen neat and clean is important to manage your comfort. Your productivity will not be ruined by having a well-organized kitchen. That is why you need a mindful consideration when choosing a kitchen sink.

A sink is indeed helping us to soak and clean the dishes properly. Moreover, if you pick the right one, it can also add a prettier look to your kitchen interior. These four ideas of the farmhouse kitchen sink might inspire you to put more attention to your kitchen.

1. Solid Wood Accent

Using a solid wood sink will perfect the farmhouse style. Its color radiates a naturally warm and aesthetic look to your kitchen.

A nice solid wood kitchen sink will surely boost your mood while doing your dishes. Moreover, it is easy to clean and requires simple maintenance. It can last longer with minimum care, so you do not need to worry about its durability.

Wooden-countertop on the sink that looks thick and solid adds to the impression of a strong rustic style. Moreover, for those of you who like decorating designs that are more environmentally friendly and comfortable to look at.
A sink with beautiful carvings completes the kitchen decor. With countertop wrapped in solid wood, making this sink is perfect to have.
One of the sweetener decorations in this sink is a layer of natural wood in the countertop. With a blend of muted green cabinet color, certainly adds to the beauty of the kitchen decor.
Combination of a white sink with wood accents on the countertop top layer. Making this white-themed kitchen cabinet has more accent decoration. Of course, adding to the more comfortable atmosphere of the kitchen.
Two-hole sink with wooden accents on the table. There is a shiny backsplash with white tile accents that add the impression of an elegant kitchen. Moreover, the white cabinet also matches the sink’s decoration.
Wood sink that looks old and antique is very rarely you find. However, it will be a different decoration and a plus to decorate the kitchen space.

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2. A Sink Under The Windows

A kitchen sink has traditionally placed under the window, so it is just right for you to do the same. It allows you to have fresh air while airing out the kitchen to get rid of the smell.

A big window also perpetually radiates sunshine in the daylight and cool breeze in the night. Plus, your kitchen will look fresher by fitting a sink under a big window.

A clear glass chandelier hangs over a kitchen sink. With a chrome deck, mount faucet mounted to a white quartz countertop over white shaker cabinets. And beneath an uncovered window.
The windows framed by white subway backsplash tiles are positioned over an apron sink. It matched with a polished brass deck mount faucet fixed to a white quartz countertop over white cabinets.
Black framed windows are positioned over a farmhouse sink. with a polished nickel deck mount faucet mounted to a honed white marble countertop.
Light gray kitchen drawers are accented with chrome hardware. And a white marble countertop holding a stainless steel sink. Beneath a chrome faucet-mounted under gray framed windows.
Brushed gold deck mount faucet is paired with an apron sink. And fixed to a white quartz countertop beneath a black framed window. And over gray shaker kitchen cabinets finished with brass pulls.
Stacked white cabinets fixed against a white quartz slab backsplash. Flank a black frame window located over an apron sink with a chrome gooseneck faucet. The faucet is fixed to a white quartz countertop accenting white cabinets adorned with oil rubbed bronze hardware.
Brown wooden floating shelves are mounted to a gray subway tiled backsplash. On either side of an arch kitchen window. It located above a Shaw farmhouse sink with a chrome gooseneck faucet. The faucet is mounted to a gray marble countertop accenting white cabinets with rubbed bronze pulls.
White kitchen wall, half-covered in white subway backsplash tiles. Frame windows positioned over a farmhouse sink matched with a polished nickel gooseneck faucet.

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3. Classic Farmhouse Sink

It may sound boring, but a classic farmhouse kitchen sink can turn your kitchen into the most appealing one. It is a highly coveted kitchen feature with a spacious, distinctive, and timeless look.

A classic design will embrace the farmhouse style more. A strong rustic, vintage, country, and traditional touch—all combined into one single sink will let you have the prettiest kitchen.

Instead to gives a pop of color decoration in this kitchen from, the sink also has good material. This farmhouse style sink will be perfect for your kitchen room, too.
Not only look sleek and awesome but also gives you the best sink. Especially, the white color of the sink looks matched with a white backsplash tile in this kitchen.
To give a black accent as in the decoration of this sink. It give it a black marble countertop with a black sink. As a result, you will have a perfect sink with two-tone color black and white.
The concrete which is the base of the countertop has a durability that is sturdy and durable. Besides being budget-friendly in its manufacture it is also easy to clean.
This farmhouse style sink gives an amazing idea. With a curved shape, which saves space and can be decorated better. Along with a white cabinet that adds to the decor of the sink.
Selection of a marble countertop in this farmhouse-style sink is very appropriate. With a white cabinet decorative accents white walls. It gives a good decoration appearance and beautiful to look at, too.
Elongated sink that integrated with a cabinet countertop. Not only gives you an extra-large sink but also made you easy to wash everything there.

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4. An Ornament Decoration

You can add one (or two) ornament, such as a flower, plant, or vase. They will enhance the aesthetic look of a farmhouse style more. Your kitchen can also look livelier by having a little ornament in the sink.

Charming green cottage kitchen boasts green cabinets holding a mini farmhouse sink with a vintage deck mount hook. And spout faucet in front of white subway backsplash tiles. The sink is positioned beneath stacked wood floating shelves.
Stunning kitchen sink alcove designed with a slightly vaulted ceiling. Finished in light blond rustic wood beams above a farmhouse sink with a deck mount faucet. Gale Petite Pendant Light hangs above the sink and white marble countertops with a stylish. Updated and sophisticated finish.
White shelves are stacked between white shaker cabinets and over a polished nickel hook. And spout faucet fixed to a wooden countertop. In front fo white subway backsplash tiles and over a farmhouse sink.

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This two-toned, black and white vintage kitchen features a jute runner placed. In front of black plank cabinets accented with polished nickel hardware. And fitted with dual farmhouse sink matched with a polished nickel wall mount faucet.
A Shaw farm sink paired with a chrome hook and spout faucet is fixed to blue island painted. However, benjamin Moore Britannia Blue is accented with chrome knobs and a white quartz countertop lit by two Darlana Lanterns.

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Stacked wood and metal shelves are fixed to white subway backsplash tiles beside a window. It positioned over a farmhouse sink accented with a brass faucet fixed to a white quartz countertop. The sink is located over blue cabinets finished with antique brass hardware, too.
Small, charming u-shaped kitchen is equipped with a mini Wolf range. It placed beneath a white wooden range hood mounted to a vertical shiplap trim. A farmhouse sink with a bronze faucet is positioned beneath a window located beside stacked white shelves.

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Get rid of your basic sink and have a farmhouse kitchen sink with those ideas above!

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